“When I first visited Allergy Associates Research Center, I knew I probably had asthma, however, I didn’t know how to live with it.  Allergy Associates Research Center were the first to diagnose me with asthma as well as show me what other allergies I had.  Now after several studies, I feel right at home there. I know most of the staff by name.  They are friendly professional and I feel welcomed every visit. Most of all, I know how to live with my asthma and I know what causes it to flare up and the proper way to treat it.” – Shane M.

“I have been participating in clinical trials at Allergy Associates Research Center off and on for the past 10 years. The staff and doctors are professional, courteous, compassionate and kind and show a genuine interest in my well being. It’s rewarding to have the opportunity to participate in studies that can help others better manage their asthma and allergies.” – Erin A.

“I have enjoyed participating in numerous research studies that AARC has offered over many years. The staff is highly professional and knowledgeable. They stay on schedule and respect my time constraints. Additionally, they are ALL very pleasant to interact with! All the studies maintain a high level of adherence to study protocols. It has been a fabulous way for me to “stay on top” of my health issues (both asthma and allergies) and also receive a bit of compensation as well. I say that is a WIN/WIN for everyone.” – D.N.

“It has been my privilege to participate in “asthma/allergy” studies with the Allergy Associates Research Center for 15 years. I first came to them having moved back to Oregon and my asthma became worse. When I was young there were no options for asthma so I believed if I could participate in a study that would help me and at the same time potentially help others WOW a win – win. That began my association with AARC.

The first thing that impressed me is the total professionalism of all the staff, from the time you enter the door to working with the Doctors and your assigned Research Specialist. The staff is also very personable and friendly. I have never felt compromised in my health needs during my studies and when not in a study because of the clinic research I have found what my asthma is the best controlled with.

I cannot express my gratitude and appreciation to AARC and recommend anyone who may be dealing with allergies or asthma contact them to see if they qualify for a study.” – Kaye C.

“Wow!!! I responded to a radio ad over 12 years ago not knowing anything about the clinic.  I have felt like family from day one.  They have the best interest in your health care, just like your mother would.  What a class act!” – Mike P.